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We are moving! Our new adress will be:
Neudörpen 26
26892 Dörpen / Niedersachsen
Phone (+049) 4966 - 9129330


Repair & Maintenance of the following unit types:

We can presently deliver repair and maintenance works for the following types of servo controller. In addition, we always strive to offer repairs for other series of servo controllers. If you are interested, please send us a separate enquiry. contact

53 (4K) 62 (4KS) BSK DKH MC-1 ServoStar:
56 TWR 63 (04S) CSK DKR S300 S601-610
58 (01S) 64 WKS DSK S400-A S614-620
60 WKS 65 WKS MSK S400-M S701-712
61 (03S) 66 WKS MTB S724
Digifas: NTB S748/772
71xx 72xx


Our philosophy

As we have over 20 years of service experience, we know where to put the focus: As the connection between control and servo-motor the servo amplifier plays a central, important role in the coordination of tool machines or industrial robots. If it breaks down, the whole machine stands still. Now competent help is needed to reduce the down-time – a long waiting period is not acceptable.

We offer a short term repair service for damaged servo amplifiers to reduce your costs for machine down time. We are fast in finding the error, solve problems lastingly and work for moderate conditions. In most cases we do the repair in no longer than 48 hours.


used amplifiers


60WKS used amplifiers
The 60WKS series is still one of the most reliable and best value servo control amplifiers produced by Kollmorgen/Seidel. We offer the 60WKS as second hand equipment at reasonable prices. Details are available upon enquiry.

64WKS used amplifiers
The 64WKS is one of the high-end controllers that is still in wide use. The transistor-inverter of the series 64WKS also belongs to the category of durable, robust servo controllers produced by the Kollmorgen/Seidel group. We not only repair, but also offer the 64WKS as second hand equipment.

66WKS used amplifiers
The 66WKS is another popular Kollmorgen/Seidel series that our customers still widely use. We offer the 66WKS as a replacement unit to ensure ongoing operations within your company. Please ask for prices and additional options.

DSK12 BAUTZ used amplifiers
The DSK12 is another highlight among the second hand devices that is frequently used by our clients. By purchasing the DSK12 as a replacement unit, you can avoid production downtimes.