Servo amplifiers play an important role in the machine


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The servo amplifier fulfils an important function in everyday machine duty: It translates and amplifies control system’s signal and initiates the servo-motor’s motion. You can compare it’s tasks to the function of the human spinal cord: It translates and intensifies the signal from the brain into to muscle-movement.


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As fatal as in our example of the human body are the consequences of a damaged servo amplifier: The machine is unable to do it’s work – it is leached.


To prevent break-downs and avoid further damages we offer competent service for following devices:

53 (4K) 62 (4KS) BSK DKH MC-1 ServoStar:
56 TWR 63 (04S) CSK DKR S300 S601-610
58 (01S) 64 WKS DSK S400-A S614-620
60 WKS 65 WKS MSK S400-M S701-712
61 (03S) 66 WKS MTB S724
Digifas: NTB S748/772
71xx 72xx


In order to support your company’s continued productivity, we come swiftly into play when it comes to repairing a servo control amplifier. We are committed to ensuring a quick and uncomplicated resolution by making the damaged servo control amplifier once again good for use. Benefit from our longstanding professional experience and witness our commitment to offering the best and most thorough service to our customers.