Used servo amplifier by Bautz, Jutronik and Kollmorgen / Seidel


Servotec measurement and control technology. can offer completely overhauled and fully workable second hand servo control amplifiers. In order to ensure non-disruption to business operations in your production and manufacturing facility, we would recommend that you have at least one replacement unit in your supplies store in order to exchange it with the regulating amplifier sent to us for repair.

Some of the units we offer have seen previous use; however, after reprocessing by our specialty department, they can hardly be distinguished from a new item. The servo control amplifier is subjected to a thorough cleaning, intensive maintenance, examination, modernization and a long-term performance check, thus granting you ownership of an impeccable replacement unit.

Moreover, you will benefit from a 12 month performance guarantee for all components, and product servicing for units that have been applied properly.
(See our disclaimer which applies in the case of inappropriate use)


Manufactor: BAUTZ

Type: BSK 08

Type: BSK 25

Type: CSK 08


Type: MSK 6/12

Type: MTB 25


Type: NTB 40


Manufactor: JUTRONIK

Type: 4K-M240/10

Type: 56 TWR-M240/15/20/40 8R8


Manufactor: KOLLMORGEN / SEIDEL (60WKS, 64WKS, 66WKS)

Type: 03S-M150/15
no Datasheet

Type: 04S-M60/8/12

Type: 4KS-M150/35


Type: 4KS-M240/20/40


Type: 65 WKS-M310/6/12/22/26

Type: Digifas 71xx


Type: Digifas 72xx


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We buy old servo amplifiers

If you want to sell your old servo amplifiers please feel free to contact us. We buy Kollmorgen-Seidel (Danaher Motion) and other servo